FXG r u gonna be as good as AXXO ?[ :o]

Since the decline of aXXo in November. FXG Releases are out numbering the competition 2:1 in terms of new movie releases. FXG torrents are very similar to aXXo in terms of size, quality, and bitrate. From what we have searched, it seams that they do not have an official website. That is why we are here to sponsor them in part. If you are new to movie torrents, or a seasoned pro, these are the ones you should start with. Here are more details of what you can expect out of an FXG torrent.

FXG torrents are pre-released DVDrips, usually over 1000 peers per file, 10/10 quality, around 700mb, avi files, no passwords or rar files needed.


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