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There comes a real need for the phrase "LIVE AND LET LIVE" in our world several innocent human lives are shattered as a cause of terrorism.The VT station
is one such place where several innocent lives were lost .
It was a disastrous nightmare to many when the bombs and terror attacks were slowly increasing from VT to a petrol bunk bombed, Leopold cafe and Taj Mahal hotel firing, explosions in Vile Parle,Trident and the Nariman house.Mumbai has turned out to be an endangered place to many and it reminds us of the blasts in Coimbatore,Serial blasts in Mumbai,blasts at the Gaffar market in Delhi and alot more.the mere cause for all these bloodshed's is Terrorism.

Terror on the country's financial hub -MUMBAI

Mumbai India's financial capital is endangered due to the widespread terrorist activities.The Bombay stock exchange situated near Colaba was also one of the targeted buildings.The gunmen launched waves of attacks in the heart of India's financial capital.The Mumbai stock exchange remained closed on 27,nov,2008.

my first post-"a person who really inspired me "

I had met this person for the first time in a workshop held at Ramakrishna mission.A real good human on earth and a very simple man.All of us love to help the poor but he provides a quality of life for them by providing them employment.

His story is an inspiration for millions. A self-made entrepreneur, his mission is to help the poor through job creation. E Sarathbabu hit the headlines after he rejected several high profile job offers from various MNCs after he passed out of IIM, Ahmedabad two years ago.

He instead started a catering business of his own, inspired by his mother who once sold idlis on the pavements of Chennai, worked as an ayah in an Anganvadi to educate him and his siblings. As a child, he also sold idlis in the slum where he lived. "We talk about India shining and India growing, but we should ensure that people do not die of hunger. We can be a developed country but we should not leave the poor people behind. I am worried for them because I know what hunger is and…