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Do generation gaps really matter?????

There was a talk between a friend and me and she said that she had quarreled with her mom.She narrated to me the entire story and later ended up saying that everything was due to a generation gap.I too fight with my mom for silly reasons but i actually try to accept if am wrong on my part.I believe that child and parent relationship is beyond generations and there is no one in the world who can understand you so well as your mom and dad.A small talk between the parent and the children can wash away all the misunderstandings and the age gaps between them.I had helped my grandma to fill up a page in my slam book and i asked her about her happiest moment in life ?she gave me the most beautiful answer "when i had my first child" :).Any child is the apple of the eye to his/her mom and dad.A mom and dad try their best to give a good quality of life for their children.A line from Ezekiel poem reminds me of a moms heart-:

"My mother only said:
Thank God the scorpion picked on me…